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You are the modern traveler

You know that age-old problem of spending weeks to months researching tons of websites and reading random reviews. How about knowing where to even look? Then imagine actually going on the trip and having a terrible time after wasting money and precious vacation days. Don’t you wish you had a more reputable source?

We Got You!

My Voyages is a travel app that allows you to curate your personal vacation experience based on interactions with other travelers, travelers who include influencers, friends, and voyagers around the world. We save you time and money by helping you complete your travel plans with a personalized touch, that you curate, based on the detailed personal travel experiences that people in your social circle share.


You have the ability to CONNECT with voyagers around the world, DISPLAY where you have been, and INSPIRE others to see the world, we are your place for tailored travel reviews and insight.

"My Voyages takes the time out of planning."

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